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How to prep your home for our visit

Thank you for choosing 1122 Clean and Renew! We look forward to serving you! Andrew will be there to
handle the cleaning. To make sure he can be as efficient as possible during your appointment, we ask
that you help by doing the following before he arrives.

1) Please make sure there is a parking spot with enough space available to allow Andrew to unload/load
his equipment into/out of your home.

2) Ensure someone 18 years or older is present in your home or he will not be able to enter.

3) Remove all breakable and valuable items from the working areas prior to his arrival.

4) Floor lengh draperies or curtains should be draped over the ends of the rod, hung up on the rod using
hangers or set securely on the windowsill. Pull any bed spreads or dust ruffles off of the floor.

5) We do not move furniture for liability reasons. Please move any furniture and other small items from the carpet that you would like us to clean. The more you can clear, the more we can clean! (If you are physically unable to move things yourself and cannot arrange for help, please discuss that with us ahead of time.)

6) If you have any pets, please make sure they have a safe place to stay in your home during your appointment. Since Andrew may need to go in and out of your home, we would hate it if they snuck out and escaped! It also makes it easier for Andrew to work without having to keep watching for them.

7) During your pre-cleaning walk through please point out any areas of concern to Andrew and let him know what they are (if you know!). This helps him know how to treat them.

and finally;

Thank you so much for your cooperation - it helps us do a better job for you!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call/text us at 770-765-1221 or email us at

We look forward to serving you!

~ Andrew & Tracy
Andrew Griffiths
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