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Hardwood Cleaning

Wooden Floor

Any hardwood cleaning will need to have a consultation prior to starting the cleaning.

This consultation will allow us to inspect the floor and see what type of cleaning is needed. This is a free consultation to ensure you get the proper process that your floor needs as well as give you a quote. We offer a Clean & Buff, or a Wax Removal process. (Pricing varies depending on the service and size of the area.)

Clean & Buff

  • Helps clean and remove minor scratches, scuffs or marks seen on the surface

  • Adds shine

  • Quick drying time

Note: If any wax polishes have been applied, they must be removed first with our Wax Removal process. We will test for any buildup prior to starting.

Wax Removal

  • Removes any wax buildup on the floors left by some cleaning products

  • Once any wax is removed, we will proceed with the Clean & Buff process as above

  • Restores the natural finish of the floor

  • Same day process

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