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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Image by Ran Berkovich

We specialize in low moisture carpet cleaning - we do not use hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Most likely, if you’ve had your carpets cleaned before, you’ve had them steam cleaned. While low moisture carpet cleaning is not a new process, it does have some benefits over steam cleaning, which is why it’s our chosen method of cleaning.

The Benefits

Your carpet dries fast - often within 30 minutes!

You don't need to wait hours for your carpet to dry.

Your carpet stays cleaner longer!

No stains or soil wicking back up from soaked carpets.

Our machine is quiet

and there are no hoses running through your house.

All of our cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for you, your family and pets.

We use up to 90% less water than steam cleaning and have no waste water.

Our Cleaning Process

Here's what you can expect when we clean your carpet:

Pre-Inspection and Walk-through

When we arrive, we will walk through and inspect your carpets with you in the areas that you need cleaned. This will help us go over any specific stains or spots that you might have and discuss any cleaning options. 



Before we clean your carpets, we first vacuum to make sure we get as much soil up before we start cleaning. This is an important step that we will never skip. Our vacuum has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter to trap over 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Spot Removal and Pre-Treatment

We will then pre-spray the carpet and treat any spots and stains. If needed, we will move light furniture to clean as much of the area as we can. We cannot move large items so if there are any pieces that you want us to clean under, you will need to have them moved prior to your appointment. Most companies will charge extra for spot removal, but with us it's included!

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We use a low moisture cleaning process to clean which uses less water than steam cleaning and does not soak the carpet pad which eliminates the possibility of soil wicking back up or mold growth under your carpet. During the cleaning, the soil and cleaning solution are absorbed into a bonnet pad so you typically only need to wait less than an hour for your carpets to dry after they are cleaned. Our machine is quiet (the vacuuming is really the most noise!) so it will not disrupt your entire house and we do not have hoses running all around. There is minimal inconvenience to you while we clean.

We use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family and pets. If we won't use it in our home, we won't use it in yours. The only thing we'll leave behind is clean, fresh carpets!


We use a naturally renewable odor neutralizer that traps and absorbs odors. It is not a masking agent. It also helps deoderize and neutralize urine odors. The deoderizer has a clean fresh scent of white florals along with eucalyptus, spearmint, and lime. Most companies will charge extra for deoderizer, but with us it's included!

Carpet Protector

The carpet protector helps keep oil and water-based liquid spills from soaking into the carpet and wetting the fibers. Depending on the density and fiber type of your carpet, the protector can create such a strong barrier that beading can occur. This makes it easier to get spills wiped up before they drop down into the backing. If a liquid is beading on the top of the carpet, it is easily absorbed and less likely to cause a stain. In addition, other spills such as puppy accidents or spills from children are also easily blotted out. Most companies will charge extra for carpet protector, but with us it's included!

(Disclaimer: While no carpet protector can protect against every spill like bleach, paint or very hot liquids, the Guardian protector will protect against many common household and commercial use occurrences under normal conditions. Beading may not occur on all carpets depending upon weight and material. This does not effect the overall performance.)



Final Inspection

Before we leave, we'll do a final inspection with you to make sure you are satisfied and answer any final questions you might have. We recommend that you have your carpets professionaly cleaned every 6 months at minimum depending on carpet usage. For our returning customers, we have VIP Loyalty Rewards. See more information on that here.

Price List

Our Price Promise

We promise we will be honest and upfront about our pricing. We do not have any hidden charges and our prices are all-inclusive to make sure you get the best cleaning and service we are able to do. No one likes surprise charges - and neither do we! We will not bait and switch. We have flat-rate, upfront pricing so you will know exactly what your cost will be before we even start cleaning. What we say is what you pay!


Our prices are based on room size and start at $50 for rooms up to 200 sq ft.

Rooms larger than 200 sq ft are an additional $25 per 100 sq ft.




$3.50 per step


$8 each

We have a $135 minimum service fee charge.

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