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Carpet Color Correction (Carpet Dyeing)

Image by Ray Mallick

In addition to carpet cleaning, we offer carpet color correction! Also known as carpet dyeing, this specialty service allows us to remove any white, orange or yellowed spots caused by bleach or other household cleaners. It is a quick and efficient service that provides permanent results.

New Service!

We are excited to announce that we now offer carpet color correction services!


Sometimes you need more than just carpet cleaning to remove a spot. Some spots are caused by household cleaners, bleach or other chemicals getting on your carpet and bleaching it out or turning it yellow. With our carpet color correction specialty service, we can restore the original color to the affected areas with an exact match!

The Benefits

Save money

No need to replace all of your carpet saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Instant results

Color correction is immediate and an exact match.

Permanent color

Color will not wash away and can be cleaned like the rest of the carpet.

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